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Financial analysis and responsive planning are the key factors for success in growing competitive sectors.

Real time information presents tremendous opportunities for early strategical maneuvers that may lead to a tactical advantage over competitors.

Businesses have an increasing need for well-implemented analytical streams giving them real time access to data relating to their customers, markets, products, competitors and subcontractors.

We ensure that our financial analysts bring their theoretical and practical expertise into your business or project through the latest analytical tools and automated solutions, all adapted to Big Data and tailored to provide optimal efficiency across each component of your supply chain.

Financial statements compliance with GAAPs
Financial statements analysis and automation
ERP setting and GAAP compliance
Quickbooks, Xero, SAP, SAGE various services …
Digital tools synchronization
Inventory management automation
Pricing analysis
Data visualization & Dashboarding
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tracking
Preparation of Management Discussion and Analysis for listed companies
Analysis of prospectuses and offer documents
Break-even, cash flow, cost, debt analysis
Ad-hoc reports and industry reports
Preparation and assistance with financial plans and forecasts
Drop-shipping analysis
Amazon FBA analysis
Financial ratio analysis
Fund performance and portfolio analysis
Stock analysis
Board of directors and audit committee compliance
Web analytics services
Budget forecasting
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