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Cross-border decisions for capital and transactions require a high level of precise information that reflects our in depth knowledge across many jurisdictions embracing the legal, GAAP, tax and incentives related to each aspect of a transaction in a particular country.

Transaction advice is key to a successful restructuring that is orientated towards sale growth or cost savings.

For digital services, it is essential to have access to the legal and compliance issues of many markets which can also offer further opportunities for tax optimization.
Our teams have worked at the core of the most complex cross-border transactions.

We offer a complete package helping investors to continually be aware in a rapidly changing environment, remain compliant and seize every appropriate opportunity. Our advisory services cover:

Market penetration and implementation
Corporate development and priority management
Early stage analysis for project implementation
Capital allocation strategies
Business plans
Marketing strategies
Operational restructuring
Feasibility studies
International tax planning
Tax structures and risks
Participation exemptions for holdings
International restructuring
Accounting GAAP compliance
Consolidation reporting packages, manuals & compliance
Procedure, internal audit and accounting manuals
Accounting policies and manuals (IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP…)
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